Sugar Daddy


Deer like turnips, and we like well-fed bucks for hunting season. This mixture features high-protein turnips to make your next hunting season one to remember.

Sweet Sugar beets mixed with brassicas. 40% Sugar Beets 40% Purple Top Turnips 20% Winfred Hybrid Brassicas



Sugar Daddy
Sweet Blend of Turnips, Sugar Beets, And Winfred Hybrid Brassicas

Vogel Crop Services LLC

High protein and palatability
Bulbs become sweet after a killing frost
Excellent late season food source for whitetails
For best results fertilizer and a grass killing herbicide

Planting Instructions: Prepare seed bed by clearing the area of existing weeds or cover. If using an herbicide, do this 2 weeks before planting seed mixture. Run a drag or work up the soil to allow the seed to make good contact with the soil. Broadcast or drill 5lbs of this mix over 21,000 sq ft. (½ A).

Planting Time:
Summer Forage April 1 – June 1
Fall Forage August 15 – September 15

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Weight 5.5 lbs