Alfa Buck


This mixture of premium alfalfa seed and chicory helps produce a plot that deer will enjoy. All food plot seeds are mixed to grow bigger bucks and make your next hunting season one to remember.



Alfa Buck
Premium Alfalfa and Chicory Blend
Vogel Crop Services LLC

80% Premium Alfalfa, 20% Chicory

Highly palatable food source all year long
Stand can last up to 3 years
Added Chicory for diversity with Alfalfa
For best results use a grass killing herbicide and fertilizer

Seeding Rate and Planting Instructions: Broadcast up to 10 lbs per 21,000 sq ft. of cleared area. Make sure the seed is making contact with the soil. Seed can be drilled into the soil at ¼ inch seeding depth.

Planting Time: Mid April – May or Mid July – August (Optimal)

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Weight 10.5 lbs